WaslaSoft Features

Get to know the advanced features we offer to ease your business activities

Hybrid based ERP and POS Solution

WaslaSoft is a cloudenabled offline and online ERP and POS solution that acts as a comprehensive tool to manage core aspects of the business. It is highly customizable solution to meet the specific requirement of the business.

Hassle-free Communication

WaslaSoft allows the integration of call centre and telecom solutions that brings more efficient and effective communication. It can lead to enhanced customer service and brings automation.

Business Management Becomes Easy

WaslaSoft act as a valuable tool for businesses that operate across multiple locations. With a single account, you can manage and monitor your business as well as make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Easy Migration Process

The POS solution allows you to migrate your existing business data from different sources to a single platform in a hassle-free manner. You can migrate the data without losing it in a most secured way.

Safe and Secure Payment

The integration with global payment gateway providers allows your business to process online payments from customers in a safe and secure manner.

Online payment gateway integrations

The payment gateway integration allows customers to make secure online payments for purchases with ease. PCI DSS and PA DSS standards in the payment gateway integration process reduce data breaches across the entire payment ecosystem.

Integrate With Any Third-party Applications

WaslaSoft streamlines workflows by integrating the POS system with other leading third-party platforms. The third-party app integration with the POS enables efficient management of all your business operations.

Van Sales Management

Van Sales is an innovative module in the WaslaSoft POS developed to optimise van sales operations efficiently. It provides real time reports, stock balance, payment updates, instant sales requests and assists salesmen to plan the routes and capture client’s signature. It can be integrated with other ERP solutions to avail better results.