Waslasoft for Restaurants

Easy to use ERP POS software to manage your restaurant operations from a single point. Simplify delivery, KOT and more.

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Serve All Kinds of Restaurants

WaslaSoft is an ideal POS software suitable for all types of restaurants like fine dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafe/coffee shops, bakeries etc. The solution helps to gain complete control over the operations and offers enhanced experience to the customers.

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Manage a Chain of Restaurants

WaslaSoft POS manages multi outlets of restaurants efficiently with a centralised management system. The POS solution tracks your sales, inventory, employees, and customers under a single account.

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Faster and Accurate Kiosk Ordering

Self-ordering kiosks bring a hassle-free operational experience to the restaurants by allowing customers to order and pay at their convenience. The kiosk is linked directly to the kitchen display screens of the restaurant and customers are alerted when their orders are ready.

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Simplifying Delivery Operations

The specifically designed feature in Waslasoft simplifies and manages on demand delivery of food items to the customers efficiently. Without installing any third-party apps customers can track live locations through an SMS sent upon placing the order until the order arrives at their doorstep.

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Contactless Digital Menu

The restaurant menu can be seen on the customer’s mobile phone by scanning a QR code without installing any applications. Customers can select, order and pay online using their convenient payment methods through the contactless digital menu.

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Catering Management

Waslasoft POS streamlines the online catering management requirements of customers. Customers can place orders and generate sales orders online for special catering events with multiple payment options. The system automates the operations and ensures customer satisfaction.

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Automated KOT for Efficient Order Processing

The POS system accepts the food orders from different platforms and generates KOT instantly. Customers can also manage and track the orders from the POS itself. It enhances operational efficiency and saves time and money.

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Restaurant Reservation

Customers can reserve the tables ahead of time and restaurants can manage them by generating the reservation book in advance and offer the best reservation experience to the customers.

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Inventory Management

The POS system manages stock of essential items and ensures to keep the right products to minimise waste and cost. It allows to perform counting and stock correction accurately.

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Organize Menu Screens in a Simplified Way

Restaurants can customize the menu screens according to their preferences. Easily create different dining options, such as “Dine in,” “Take out,” “Delivery,” etc.

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Queue Management and Order Ticketing

WaslaSoft offers a smart queue management system to enhance customer experience. Restaurants can reduce the waiting time of customers and analyse customer behaviour to improve efficiency and customer service.

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Call Center and Telecom Integration

Call centre and telecom integration quickly identifies customers and accurately get their orders out the door. It allows restaurants to run their business operations more efficiently especially if your restaurant takes delivery and pick-up orders. Call centre and telecom integration quickly identify customers and accurately get their orders out the door.

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Waslasoft is a hybrid model ERP and POS solution to run.